Friday, March 6, 2009

The Lonergan Clan

We are the Lonergans. John, Monica, Jack, Elizabeth, Caleb, and Grace. Finally, coming to the point where we fostered and adopted was long journey for us. It took many years for our hearts, minds and life to be in the place where God had us ready to move. We actually found out about our kids at a church picnic. A member of church was fostering our daughter and telling me all about her fostering experiences. Just a few weeks later I saw a prayer request that the kids' situation had taken a dramatic change and the agency was looking for a potential adoptive home. That was the beginning of the beginning! We fostered for 1 1/2 years before the adoption became final in 2007. Even after the adoption, it still took awhile for God to complete His work in becomming a genuine family. We are at the point now that I sometimes forget that fostering is part of our history and I dare you to pick out from the picture who is bioligical and who God added via adoption! We are praying about the opportunity to do it all again!

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