Support Teams

As the Body of Christ, we are called to support one another as God calls us. The support teams have been established to better serve our adoptive, fostering, and Safe Families.

If you would like to utilize the assistance from one of these ministries or are interested in serving on one of these teams, please contact

Babysitting/Respite Team:

Fostering and adopting can be stressful on families when going through the transition of adding a new member to their family whether for a short amount of time or long term.  This ministry is for individuals and/or families willing to support our adopting and fostering families through babysitting or respite.

**For those involved in serving our foster families, a background check may be done by their respective foster care agency if needed.  Please don't let this hinder you from signing up.  This is a very quick and painless step that benefits our families immensely!

Meal Team

We provide meals for our fostering, adopting, and Safe Families as needed when a child is brought into their home and on a continuing as needed basis.

Physical Needs Team 

When families get a placement for fostering or as a Safe Family placement it is often suddenly and without much notice.  Often children come without anything but the clothes on their backs.  Needs may arise such as cribs, nursery gear, clothing, etc.  We are looking for items to be donated or loaned. What an opportunity for the church body to be able to step in and serve!

You will be added to an email list.  When needs arise, they will be listed here on the blog as well as emailed to this team in order to fulfill the need.

Prayer Team

Because the process of fostering and adoption is often a lengthy and difficult one, we believe prayer is essential throughout the process. The faithful prayers of believers in our Church are essential for our families fostering and adopting. 

An email prayer list is updated weekly for each family and all requests are prayed for by a team of volunteers. 

Transportation Team

Provide relief to foster parents by providing transportation for children to and from appointments and/or family visits.


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