Sunday, November 7, 2010

8 Ways Every Christian Can Care for the Orphan and Waiting Child

PRAY for them
• Sign up for Bethany’s Orphan Care Prayer Ministry at: (orphan care)
• May is National Foster Care month. Bethany hosts an annual prayer vigil.

PROVIDE for their needs
• Sew a quilt or security blanket for area foster children- due December 1.
Contact Charlotte Beck at 444-7071.

SUPPORT those who support them
• Mow, baby sit, or take meals to foster parents. Pray with them and tell them you appreciate what they do.
• Encourage a family adopting an older child by hosting a shower for them.
• Sign up for Bethany’s Meal Team to assist foster and adoptive families when child(ren) come home. Contact Michelle Hahn at 444-5161.

PROTECT them from harm
• Become a foster parent or emergency foster parent. Contact Amy Park
at 266-1635 or Monica Lonergan at 303-7965 for more information.

VISIT them where they are
• Go on a mission trip to an orphanage. Look for details when Bethany
lists 2011 mission trips.

GIVE sacrificially to them
• Contribute to an adoptive family to help offset their costs. Families with
Adoption Funds at Bethany Baptist are: Marvin & Sara Streitmatter,
Steve & Jennell Dietz, Gregg & Kris McClelland. At Bethany Community: Philip & Charisa Ausfahl, Mark & Michelle Hahn, Brian & Jennifer Entner. Contributions are tax deductible- and can be sent to Bethany Baptist.
• Contribute to Bethany’s adoption ministry general fund, used to give
grants to Bethany families that have been through a screening process. Contributions are tax deductible- and can be sent to Bethany Baptist.
Contact Lisa Schwarz at 383-4270 for more information.

ENCOURAGE them to press on
• Become a mentor or tutor to a teenager in a foster group-home.

ADOPT them into your family
• Give a child a home through international, domestic, or foster care adoption.
• Adopt a young adult who has aged out of the foster care system.
• Every Spring and Fall, Bethany offers an Orphan Care Bible Study to help you discover what God says about adoption and caring for orphans.
Contact Jerry Sanderson at 692-1755 for more information.

• Bethany’s Focused Fellowship provides encouragement for those walking through the journey of fostering and/or adoption. Ladies meet the third Monday of each month at 7pm. Contact Monica Lonergan at 303-7965.

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