Monday, June 1, 2009

Book Review: After the Dream Comes True

"You've done it. After months or even years of prayers, dreams and effort your child is finally home. Now it's time for happily ever after. And yet the days and months ahead will quite likely stretch you in ways you aren't expecting. I'd like to help you anticipate some of these challenges and give you tools to help you cope. Above all I want to remind you that the Lord brought this precious child into your life. You're in the for an exciting adventure as His plan for your family unfolds!" This is taken from the preface of the book "After the Dream Comes True" by Michelle Gardner. Michelle is the director of Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries and is herself an adoptive parent many times over.

The author writes in an easy to read style and shares from her own experiences. Michelle Gardner talks about such topics as an adoptive parents surprising emotions, meeting your child for the first time, first days at home, and practical questions to consider. She also touches on birthparents, setting boundaries and establishing routines, spiritual development, and life as an adoptive family, to list a few.

When I read this book for the first time I found it to be refreshing as I felt that in many ways I had found a kindred spirit. I think that you will find encouragement for the long haul in this book and you will realize that you are not as crazy as you thought you were. It would be good to read before you meet your child and also after you have been home for a time. A book worth reading this summer while your children play in the pool!

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